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A Word from Pastor Tyrone P. Jones:

We are excited that you have chosen to visit Church for the City's Yuma website. We love what the Lord is doing among His people and we believe that you will also. The purpose of every local church is to fulfill God's purpose, which is to establish His kingdom. Each particular congregation should have a sense of mission, objectives, and vision given by God in which they may uniquely fulfill the purpose in their city. Our vision is simple: exalt Jesus Christ, equip the saints, and extend God's kingdom. Our worship is lively, our prayers are sincere, and the preached word is anointed.

Thank you for visiting our website. Come by the church and see us; you will enjoy the presence of God, and be refreshed by His Spirit.

In His Grip,
Pastor Tyrone P. Jones

PastorTyroneP Jones
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